[Twisted-web] Websockets

Philippe May phil.twisted-web at hanjinet.org
Sun Oct 28 16:26:21 EDT 2012

Hi all,

There were a lot discussions regarding Websockets few months (years?) back, before the RFC6455 was released and the hybi group defining the protocol was in pretty messy state.

Now this technology is stable and coming mainstream with almost all browsers supporting it, so i think it's time to reopen the question for Twisted.

There are many forks on Github from the original work of rlotun called txWebSocket.
My branch may be the most advanced ( https://github.com/aprilmay/txWebSocket ).
It works quite well for my purpose until now, even if it can surely be improved.
It has both server and client, trial tests, basic support for extensions (eg compression and multiplexing are on the way from the hybi group) and i hope is efficient enough for most uses.

There is also a project called Autobahn but it is not integrated with twisted.web (so one cannot serve standard HTTP and websockets from the same service out of the box) and was designed first to be a test suite for the development of the protocol.

What are the opinions from the core team and other people in this list on this?


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