[Twisted-web] Override File's DirectoryLister?

Philippe May phil.twisted-web at hanjinet.org
Sun Nov 4 14:01:11 EST 2012

Hi Rich,

You can certainly do that using the same URL and resource.

The "triage" of the function depending on the method (render_GET, render_POST, etc) is done by the Request class.
Since DirectoryLister is a resource but has overriden its "render" function, it always renders the listing (twisted.web.static, ~ line 1010 in Twisted 12.2).

Your subclass can override it and process the POST method accordingly, here i added a feedback message for the user:

class MyDirectoryLister(DirectoryLister):
    ## ...

    def render(self, request):
        if request.method == "POST":
            message = self.render_POST(request)
            message = ""

        ## Copied from the original method...
        request.setHeader("content-type", "text/html; charset=utf-8")
        if self.dirs is None:
            directory = os.listdir(self.path)
            directory = self.dirs

        dirs, files = self._getFilesAndDirectories(directory)

        tableContent = "".join(self._buildTableContent(dirs + files))

        header = "Directory listing for %s" % (

        ## ... until here. Now return the template with the message:
        return self.template % {"header": header, "tableContent": tableContent, "message": message}

    def render_POST(self, request):
        ## ** Process the form here, considering it's not blocking, ie not too long to write the file **
        ## Return a useful message, or error...
        return "File uploaded"

Then add a "message" field in the template, eg. in a <div>.

You'll end up soon having you own DirectoryLister, as Glyph suggested :)

Hope that helps.

Le 4 nov. 2012 à 02:35, Rich Brown a écrit :

> Folks,
> Thanks again for the answers to my earlier question about overriding the DirectoryLister class. They worked perfectly. I can tweak and style the appearance as desired. One more question:
> Within of the display of a directory's contents, I would like to have the ability to have a form that lets me add a file to that directory. 
> To do this, I added a <form method="post"> to the template of the DirectoryLister with an <input type=file ...> to specify the file and created a render_POST() function within my subclass of File. 
> But the render_POST() function doesn't seem to be called when I click Submit. I suspect that I'm misunderstanding the class hierarchy, but don't know what to change. Any advice?
> Many thanks!
> Rich Brown
> Hanover, NH
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