[Twisted-web] Websockets

Tobias Oberstein tobias.oberstein at tavendo.de
Thu Nov 1 08:58:09 EDT 2012

> There is also a project called Autobahn but it is not integrated with
twisted.web (so one cannot serve
> standard HTTP and websockets from the same service out of the box) and was 

No, you can use Autobahn with Twisted Web


=> websocket/echo_site

and with WSGI (i.e. Flask)


=> websocket/echo_wsgi

Both does work with TLS and also supports not only Hybi-10+, RFC6455,
but also Hixie-76 variants of WebSocket.

> designed first to be a test suite
> for the development of the protocol.

No, the testsuite is a side project for Autobahn. Autobahn was designed to
provide first-class WebSocket client and server support for Twisted.

The testsuite has evolved into a "quasi industry standard": most projects
use it to test for protocol compliance.

Autobahn also provides RPC and PubSub on top of WebSocket: http://wamp.ws/.
This is an officially registered WebSocket subprotocol and has
implementations outside Twisted .. including 3rd party ones.


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