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Fri May 25 21:57:37 EDT 2012

Hi Vinod,

Le May 25, 2012 à 5:11 PM, vinod kumar a écrit :
>         So, can you help me out with small issue now? While creating xml-rpc twisted server, can I assin ip-address and port where I want to deploy server finally?

I'm not sure I fully understand your question.  I don't think so, though.

> What I mean is : I want to keep my server at ipadress1 , port1. I wrote some code on my localhost. One way is to put this server code on some computer which is on i[adress1, port1. Is there any way to associate our server to listen on  ipaddress1 and port1 by running on my computer itself. 

No.  That's nothing to do with Twisted, it's just how routing works on the internet.

> In server code, when I start the service, only port is there and no ip adress is required.

That's correct.  So if you move your code to a new server, you shouldn't have to change it to listen on a different IP.

> "   s = strports.service('ssl:'+port+' :privateKey='+privateKey+':certKey='+certKey, channel.HTTPFactory(site))
>      return s
> "

> Thanks,
> Vinod

By the way, Vinod, I noticed that you blasted out copies of this message to a whole bunch of mailing lists on twistedmatrix.com.  Most of these lists have nothing to do with your question.  In the future, please just ask on twisted-python or twisted-web, and then be patient.

If you want professional support for Twisted there are people who offer it, but unless you choose to pay for it nobody is obliged to answer your questions.


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