[Twisted-web] Get access to Avatar from Resource object?

Jacek Furmankiewicz jacek99 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 11:02:58 EST 2012

I am trying to understand how Twisted Web security works, based on a few


They all explain how to set up a web app with let's say HTTP auth.

But there are no examples on how a Resource method (let;s say render_GET)
could get access to the current Avatar object?
And does the Avatar object need to implement some specific interface?

What I want to do in CorePost is to allow fine grained privilege-based
security *per method* (similar in style to Spring Security, for those who
know it), e.g.:

    def getUser(self,request,**kwargs):
        return ...some user info...

    def updateUser(self,request,userId,**kwargs):
        ...create new user, etc...

If the Avatar does not have the required privileges (e.g. "BROWSE_USER" or
"UPDATE_USER" in the example above), I want to throw a 403 Access Denied

Thanks for any pointers

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