[Twisted-web] CorePost 0.0.7 - all about content types

Jacek Furmankiewicz jacek99 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 14:51:23 EDT 2011

Well, I plan to look at out-of-the-box support for:

a) simple HTTP proxy/load balancer (instead of nginx)

A simple runner that starts up "root" CorePost process and then starts up
the real app on multiple local ports. Does simple load balancing between
them. Not the most efficient (extra HTTP call), but simple to set up and
*maybe* good enough for many apps

b) Ampoule

Mostly because the devs here recommended that approach. It seems a bit
verbose (from the little docs I've seen), requires custom command classes,
etc.). Not sure what the impact will be on ease-of-use and the API. It looks
a bit daunting in terms of coding overhead.

c) ZeroMQ (basically the Mongrel2 model)

Single CorePost app posting messages to ZeroMQ, single receiver on each
process picking them up and distributing to the appropriate router
functions. Could be very fast, but requires external dependency (ZeroMQ).

These are some of the idea I had for multicore support...any comments or
suggestions for better approaches are welcome.


2011/10/1 Jarosław Fedewicz <jaroslaw.fedewicz at gmail.com>

> On Sep 30, 2011, at 16:08 , Jacek Furmankiewicz wrote:
> > Once I am done with all of this I will have a serious look at AMPoule to
> get that out-of-the-box multi-core support.
> >
> > So the next release 0.0.8 should finish all the content type stuff and
> then for 0.0.9 should start looking at AMPoule.
> Can I request that looking at AMPoule doesn't result in it being a required
> dependency?
> AMPoule is just one implementation of multiprocessing + IPC, would be a
> pity to have to patch it heavily so that it works with other multiprocessing
> schemes (including homebrew ones) or with none at all.
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