[Twisted-web] Question regarding callLater() and service creation

Eric Chamberlain Eric.Chamberlain at zonarsystems.com
Thu Mar 10 00:50:18 EST 2011

I'm creating a service using Twisted.  It has nothing to do with networking (I know that Twisted is an event-driven networking engine... stay with me here :).  It's simply polling a database every 30 seconds.  I'm using callLater() once the work has been completed.  My question is does the reactor spawn a new thread once the callLater() timeout has been reached?  If so, this would mean that the work being done may be effected by the GIL, correct?

I may make more services like this where Twisted is used to create the service.  These services may do a lot of heavy lifting... and may have nothing to do with networking.  However, I like the fact that Twisted gives me a base for creating services.  I also like the fact that if I do any network related services I'm using the same lib... which will use the same method to launch the service, etc.

Even with all of these pros I still feel like I may be using the wrong tool for the job.  Maybe I answered my own question... for non-network related services, services that will do a lot of heavy lifting, etc. fork a process (there are plenty of classes out there that daemonize scripts easily enough) and use Twisted for all event-driven networking related services.

I'd be interested to know what you guys think.  Thanks in an advance!

Eric Chamberlain

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