[Twisted-web] Debugging truncated response.. (REPOST to fix newlines)

A Desai ardesai at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 10 18:49:28 EDT 2011

I am trying to debug a scenario wherein a program has an http channel/transport 
that receives an HTTP response; and in some cases (5 out of 10,000) the 
channel/transport invokes the lost connection callback while the amount of data 
received is less than the content length.  The connection is used as a producer 
to write to another connection.

I am trying to debug to check whether:
(1) the last chunk (20K+) of data sitting in the incoming response is not being 
propagated up, e.g. due to a prior pauseProducing() call, or 

(2) the data was not sent from the peer (e.g. connection closed without using so_linger)

In general, I "presume" lost connection callback on a producer socket would not 
be called if there is pending (paused) data that has yet to be written a 
consumer (socket).  I am also assuming that the assert in 
internet/abstract.py::resumeProducing() [self.connected and not self.disconnecting] is valid.  
I.E: If someone can confirm that scenario (1) above is not possible in twisted (unless a bug).

By the time the lost connection callback is called, the transport channel is gone.  
I would have to instrument either tcp.py, basic.py, or abstract.py to track this.

Any clues/suggestions welcome.


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