[Twisted-web] How to use templating with the web server

Florian Lindner mailinglists at xgm.de
Sun Aug 21 06:10:04 EDT 2011


I want to build a simple webinterface for my application and decided to use 
twisted.web with its templating for that. This will be my first contact with 

I had found a working example at [1].

Is there a way to render a template that involves less boiler plate code? In 
that example I had to create a template.Element class and a web.Ressource 
class for each page I want to render. The Ressource basically looks always the 
same for each page, just that it renders another Element class.

Is there a way to shortcut that a bit? My standard situation will be that I 
have a template file and an Element class containing the logic. These are 
"mounted" somewehre in the hierarchy (like with putChild).

Sorry, I'm sure I'm lacking quite a bit of insight into twisted.




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