[Twisted-web] Creating a hybrid server in Twisted

Jashank Jeremy jashank.jeremy at optusnet.com.au
Mon Apr 4 05:28:21 EDT 2011

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I'm trying to write a hybrid server that serves either HTTP or my own
custom protocol depending on how it's addressed (distantly inspired by
the IRC bouncer ZNC).  If it receives a standard GET, POST, HEAD,
etc. it sends HTTP traffic, or if it receives the bareword `CORDELIA',
it switches to Cordelia mode.

HTTP works fine with Twisted.Web.  I can serve pages over HTTP (which is
my desired outcome).  However, I'm not sure how to write the Cordelia
handling code.  I've tried my own custom `render_CORDELIA' function, but
it acts too much like HTTP (ie. it returns a result and terminates the
connection), which is not what I want, as the protocol I've designed
involves establishing a two-way conversation, not a single request and
response pair.

So I'm pretty much stuck in a rut.  I don't want to totally reinvent the
wheel just to be able to protocol-switch; I'd prefer to make use of
existing code from Twisted.  How do I hijack Twisted.Web to add protocol


Jashank Jeremy
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