[Twisted-web] How can I direct a user to a "you are being logged off" page?

markscottwright at gmail.com markscottwright at gmail.com
Mon May 10 12:35:22 EDT 2010

I'm using twisted web (not nevow) in an application right now. I'm handling  
expiration by having a LogonState Session variable, which has an  
is_logged_in member that defaults to False. All requests are checked for  
this and redirected to my logon page if is_logged_in is not true.

This is all working fine, but unfortunately, it means that timeouts are  
abrupt - you are just re-directed to a logon page with no warning the next  
time you try to access a resource after session timeout.

Session expiration callbacks don't seem that useful here. I'll be notified,  
but then the session is gone and I no longer have any way of knowing if the  
next request is from someone who once had a valid session, but no longer  

How do others deal with this issue?
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