[Twisted-web] Newbie question on handling args in URL string

Maarten ter Huurne maarten at treewalker.org
Thu Mar 18 14:05:39 EDT 2010

On Thursday 18 March 2010, Rob Newman wrote:

> from twisted.web import server, static, rewrite
> from twisted.application import service, internet
> root = resource.Root()
> # Another file (resource.py)  defines the resources Data() and Root()
> root.putChild('data', resource.Data())
> root.putChild('images', static.File(images_dir))
> root.putChild('jquery', static.File(js_dir))
> rewrite_root = rewrite.RewriterResource(root, pathToArgs)
> site = server.Site(rewrite_root)

I think it's the rewriting that is complicating things. Why not handle both 
URL styles in the Data class?

Even if you want to rewrite, you could avoid a lot of duplication by putting 
the RewriterResource under 'data' instead of in the root.


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