[Twisted-web] https server example with client certs for twisted

Gelonida gelonida at gmail.com
Sun Jul 11 18:39:31 EDT 2010


I posted this question already to comp.python.twisted
just to discover a little later, that comp.python.twisted.web
might be more appropriate.

So here is my post again

I'd like to implement a small https twisted server,

which can wrap a wsgi module and which
can verify client certificates

I am able to do this with apache, but would like to do the same with

(For some projects it would allow me to get rid of apache or to perform
certain tests on a Windows hosts)

What I have running is following shell script
calling twistd

twistd -n web --https 4433 \
    --certificate $certfile --privkey $keyfile \
    --wsgi $wsgi_module

Basically I just use my wsgi script and didn't write any twisted code.

My first step would be how to write the same twisted code without
calling twistd

The next step how to enforce enable client certificates

I wondered where I could find any good example code
implementing a web server with client certificate authentication
( and ideally with a  subsequent wsgi module)


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