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Dear wwwjfy,

2010/2/9 wwwjfy <wwwjfy at gmail.com>

> Hi,
>    1. You can find it in handleEndHeaders, which decides to call method
> 'handleStatus_' + status if the method exists.
>    2.3. These two method are called in method rawDataReceived in class
> HTTPClient, which is HTTPPageDownloader's parent.
>    I think you can grep all source files of twisted to find most answers if
> you don't know where is one method called. :)
Thank you so much for your help. I found those methods and even verified
that I would have found them with grep ;-)

Now, since you made me feel embarassed  ;-)  , I want to write a few words
about why I didn't try myself in the first place.

I self learned with the Squeak Smalltalk, when I was 17. Then I used to work
in Java, but with VisualAge, that was a Smalltalk IDE applied to Java.

So now I am spoiled, I expect to be able to find parent classes with all
their methods arranged in a nice GUI with the methods represented as bullets
that, if clicked, make appear the method code in a frame.

In Smalltalk code pieces weren't even written in files.

Grep really didn't come to my mind :-(

Now that you lighted this bulb to me, I am flabbergasted at how the code
editing situation sucks, outside of my Smalltalk enchanted world.

I found these methods, but I can't see which class they belong to, I have to
scroll to the class definition, then scroll back to where I were, but I tend
to get lost in the process.

Now I'm trying to draw the classes tree I'm interested in on a paper with a

I mean, how is this possible ? Do you people really work this way ?

Thanks, anyhow, for your help.

> wwwjfy
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