[Twisted-web] Copying Nevow features into Twisted Web (was Re: Status of divmod-dev list?)

Werner Thie werner at thieprojects.ch
Tue Dec 21 05:23:38 EST 2010

I admit I never stepped forward doing even review on work on twisted 
being usually overly busy with maintaining the usual mayhem of HTML, 
CSS, JScript and Python in my projects. Now with nevow/athena and 
qooxdoo merged I might have some spare time not having written a single 
line of HTML or CSS in the last six months and still producing a stream 
of really advanced and great looking RIA stuff with precision and ease.

The lessons I learned again from merging nevow/qooxdoo

1. the productivity breakthru in writing RIAs comes from shedding HTML 
and CSS altogether and in concentrating to two full blown programming 
languages (read Javascript, the good parts - Douglas Crockford)

2. one might even push the above said further by concentrating to one 
language only by using JScript on the server too, although node.js has a 
long way to go

3. divmod/nevow does a prime job in bringing an 'as pythonuesque' way as 
possible to JScript, meaning point 2. is mute, because the server side 
with twisted is really outstanding and is a beacon among the server 
programming frameworks

4. it might be nice to have 'whip it up fast' templates and tools but in 
the end it's the 'finish it faster and maintain it with less work' 
attributes which let's you make a living. It's always worthwile to 
invest into something as big and all encompassing as twisted even in a 
time where the general attitude is 'take this, add hot water and stir it'.

Although it might have been said a hundred times already, but how do I 
do that intimidating step to become a reviewer in the twisted community?


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