[Twisted-web] URL generation for resources

John Porter Simons coolcucumber at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 21:44:17 EST 2009

I need to, given an IResource object that's in a site's resource tree, get
its full URL (in order to generate links to it). Looking in
twisted/web/resource.py, it appears that URL traversal is strictly one-way,
with resources having no idea what their path component is, nor what their
parent resource is.

157         def putChild(self, path, child):
158             """Register a static child.
160             You almost certainly don't want '/' in your path. If you
161             intended to have the root of a folder, e.g. /foo/, you want
162             path to be ''.
163             """
164             self.children[path] = child
165             child.server = self.server

If putChild were extended a little bit, it could set some info on the child
whenever it's "placed" into the tree, i.e.

165+       child.parent = self
165+       child.path = path

This would make possible a "getFullPath" method that iterates up the tree to
the root, concatenating the parts with "/".

Does anyone see the value of this, if I were to subject such a patch?
Obviously this is only relevant for statically-routed resources.
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