[Twisted-web] mointwisted over SSL

Cyrille Vladimirov kiro at kircho.net
Sat May 30 01:53:40 EDT 2009

Thank you George

On 5/30/2009, "George Pauly" <george at ringdevelopment.com> wrote:

>Moinmoin is built with Twisted Python, but any problem specific to
>Moinmoin is better addressed by the Moinmoin folks, not Twisted folks.
>The mail list for Moinmoin is here:
>You are asking a butcher for a hair cut.  The butcher tells you to go to
>the barber.  Don't complain that cows have hair.
>Hope this helps you find your solution,
>On Fri, 2009-05-29 at 23:12 +0200, Cyrille Vladimirov wrote:
>> Hi glyph and thank you for answer.
>> On 5/29/2009, "glyph at divmod.com" <glyph at divmod.com> wrote:
>> >This sounds like a question for the moinmoin list, not the twisted list.
>> >Personally I don't know what the answer is - Twisted itself doesn't have
>> >config files, so you must be referring to something in moinmoin. 
>> I am not sure for this, because twisted daemon is actionally accepting
>> TCP connections and serves as web server, similar as way as serves any
>> other web server. That's why this is the place where should be appears
>> port 443 also. After that connection is "redirected" to the wiki
>> content. Isn't ?
>>  We can
>> >tell you what API to use to get SSL, or how to bind an SSL port using
>> >the "twistd web" webserver, but apparently moinmoin has its own thing.
>> yes, please let me know how to bind port 443 and using twisted web
>> webserver
>> Kindest regards,
>> Cyrille
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