[Twisted-web] mointwisted over SSL

Cyrille Vladimirov kiro at kircho.net
Fri May 29 03:49:59 EDT 2009

Hi there!
I am new in twisted.

These days I try to run a moinmoin wiki server and using mointwisted
python server as daemon. The server works fine (opens port 80 for
connection and server wiki with no problem) but I am getting in trouble
for run it over SSL.

First I try to find out somewhere in docs and the only thing I found is:
how to generate key and certificate and put 2 lines, about ssl_privekey
and ssl_certificate.

I am not sure in which config file(s) I have to put these lines and how
exactly to run SSL part of the server and open port 443 for accepting of
encrypted connections
Please help me.

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