[Twisted-web] Soap Client through http proxy with authentication on twisted!!!!!!!

ypena at infomed.sld.cu ypena at infomed.sld.cu
Tue Jun 30 09:38:43 EDT 2009

I'm working on an soap client at the moment with twisted package version 8.2.0-1. It soap
client will have to work in environments where connections have to be routed through a
http proxy with authentication,  but I can't find any way to specify a http proxy with
authentication using any of the Twisted classes. Is this possible? I assumed it was
seeing as how it is a fairly common situation but the documentation/API haven't
provided any useful information. Help me.

Infomed - Red de Salud de Cuba

    Red Telematica de Salud - Cuba
    	  CNICM - Infomed

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