[Twisted-web] Handling childs at Nevow

Michał Pasternak michal.dtz at gmail.com
Sat Jul 25 03:04:43 EDT 2009

See "childFactory" and "locateChild" methods of rend.Page 

BTW, are there any URL dispatchers (like the one Django has) out there for


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At the moment I have this URL working




I have an IndexPage(LivePage) with its

    def child_ter(self, ctx):
        return TerPage()

    def child_graph(self, ctx):
        return GraphPage()


TerPage() an GraphPage() pick the firs element of a global list and
show it in differents ways.

I'd like now to enalble urls like /ter/1, /ter/2, /ter/n so the n
element of the list is picked instead of the first one. How is the
correct way to make that argument reach TerPage and GraphPage


Juanjo Conti

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