[Twisted-web] id property modified by Athena

Jean-Paul Calderone exarkun at divmod.com
Tue Jul 7 11:40:43 EDT 2009

On Tue, 7 Jul 2009 12:25:00 -0300, Juanjo Conti <jjconti at gmail.com> wrote:
>I have this Nevow.Athena code:
><div xmlns:nevow="http://nevow.com/ns/nevow/0.1"
>    xmlns:athena="http://divmod.org/ns/athena/0.7"
>    nevow:render="liveElement">
>    <h2>Grafica</h2>
>    <div id="placeholder" style="width:600px;height:300px">****</div>
>When the live element is rendered, the id is changed to something like
>This gived me some headaches using JQuery $(#id) form. Does anyone
>know something about this?

Athena also provides an API to determine what the id value is rewritten
to.  See Nevow.Athena.Widget.translateNodeId.  I'm not familiar with the
JQuery API you're talking about.  Does this help?


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