[Twisted-web] [Athena] Is ReliableMessageDelivery really necessary?

Paul Thomas spongelavapaul at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 1 06:15:35 EDT 2009


I've hit a problem as my app has got bigger (about 30-40 widgets now,  
all chattering roughly once every 2 seconds) where the reliable  
message delivery mechanism is spiralling out of control. It seems that  
the constant back and forth means that large 'baskets' of messages are  
resent. The more this happens, the busier everything gets until the  
browser becomes unresponsive.

There's a fix for it: [Divmod-dev] athena duplicate messages issue but  
I'm slightly concerned about the potential for lost messages - and  
also confused about how this could happen. Given that HTTP is a  
reliable connection-oriented transport, where is the gap that messages  
can fall through?

I think I can cope with lost messages in most cases, so would it be  
useful to add a kind of 'sendRemote' that was like 'callRemote' but  
didn't care about a response? Or maybe this already exists and I've  
missed it?


P.S. this app is likely to get more noisy - is it likely that I'll  
have to abandon Athena for Orbited or similar? I mean, are there  
architectural differences that will prevent Athena scaling?
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