[Twisted-web] Athena behind apache

Federico Tomassini federicotom at yahoo.it
Fri Jan 16 22:12:07 EST 2009

Hi alls,

LivePage is working fine when I connect directly to the
twisted server.

When I put my resources behind apache, I need to define
transportRoot and jsModuleRoot, otherwise my client has
localhost'ed references.

When I connect directly, I have references like this:


For Apache, I'm trying to init the LivePage with:

  jsModuleRoot= url.URL('https', FQDN, ['foo', 'bar', 'jsmodule'])
  transportRoot= url.URL('https', FQDN, ['foo', 'bar'])

LivePage doesn't work. I can't guess the right urls.

Apache works as transparent proxy, so I'm wondering if I need
to specify jsRoot and transportRoot to obtain something like:


But... how? Any hint from Athena coders?

Finally, a stupid question.

Why LivePage build javascript references using the FQDN?

Maybe it's a better idea to build links like:


Obviously, one can always specify trasnportRoot and jsModuleRoot.

But in this case it should work for transparent proxies out of
the box.


Best Regards

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