[Twisted-web] Athena LivePage as a main page

Piotr Jackowski jackowski.piotr at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 01:44:51 EST 2009


I'm new to Nevow and Athena.
I have rather basic question. How to make athena livepage with livefragment
available from top path '/'.
LivePage has to be created every request, so
site =3D appserver.NevowSite(AthenaLivePageClass())
gives error after first refresh.

Every example shows rend.Page() as a top pages and then for /foo  creates
def render_foo(self,ctx):
      f =3D AthenaLivePageClass()
      return ctx.tag[f]

I came up with something like this:
class Index(rend.Page):
      def child_(self, ctx):
              return AthenaLivePageClass()

I can now refresh, as many times as I want, and every time there is a new
object, but Javascript part doesn't work.
I have bunch 404 errors for javascript code requests e.g.:

Besides that issue, is there any documentation for Javascript classes
Nevow, Divmod and etc ?

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