[Twisted-web] Telnet server: Detecting CTRL-<key>, as happends with CTRL-C

Eloranta, Teuvo (NSN - FI/Tampere) teuvo.eloranta at nsn.com
Wed Feb 4 06:35:23 EST 2009


I have an application, with Python 2.4 and Twisted 8.2.0.

Can I somehow detect e.g. CTRL-J key presses in:

  class Telnet_simulation(telnet.Telnet)
      def dataReceived(self, data):

(or elsewhere in code)?

When sending CTRL-C, the dataReceived() is called immeaditely, but when
sending some other combinations, the data can be seen only after Enter
is pressed?
(telnet_Command is called then) But the CTRL-J is not a telnet command,
it should act same way as CTRL-C.

Thank you,


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