[Twisted-web] some questions about twisted.web

Jack Moffitt jack at chesspark.com
Tue Apr 7 16:12:40 EDT 2009

>> Which, as I recall, Glyph and others have discourged others from doing
>> this.  Perhaps I am mistaken, but if twistd is intended for this
>> purpose, why has this not become part of it all along?
> I don't think anyone's discouraging twistd plugins. They're nice for
> what they do. You may be thinking of mktap plugins. mktap is
> deprecated.

I didn't mean that plugins were discouraged.  I meant that contortions
to allow twistd to take application specific command line options were
actively discouraged.  See the following threads:


These are pretty clear I think.  twistd is not intended for this use
case.  The alternative currently is to embed config file reading into
the tac (only solves part of the problem), or redo all the start up
application infrastructure that twistd makes so nice.

> I don't understand the grammar in "why has this not become part of it
> all along". Are you suggesting use of a time machine? I would love to,
> if you made one available to me.

What I meant is if writing a plugin for adding your own options to
twistd is the recommended solution, why doesn't twistd just do this
for us?  Surely someone would have done it by now. As we can see from
the threads above, it's not done because they don't want it done.   It
makes sense to me why this is so, and so I didn't attempt to do it
this way in Tape.

>> This is disregarding the whole fact that none of already existing
>> twistd options are at all revelevant to my users, and only serve to
>> provide more noise.
> If this is a command line non-daemon application, then you're right.
> twistd is not really geared towards those. There are some vague ideas
> for helping people write tools like that in a way that makes sense,
> but nothing very concrete.

It's a command line non-daemon app, but even if it were a temporary
helper daemon you launched now and then, it would still apply.
Twisted needs better help for this case, and that's what I've been
attempting to say here all along.

> As for your initial list of things, I encourage you to file them as
> bugs (making sure you search for existing bugs first).  They look
> pretty reasonable. Some of them are probably just documentation bugs.

Will do.  Thanks for your feedback.


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