[Twisted-web] Athena & browser 2-connection limit

Werner Thie wthie at thiengineering.ch
Tue Sep 16 12:35:51 EDT 2008

>>> Been thinking about this. It _would_ be cool if you could have more 
>>> than one LivePage per browser session, like in popups, or even frames.
>>> What do you think: Is there any obvious & fundamental reason why the 
>>> ReliableMessageDelivery stuff couldn't be modified, so that one 
>>> instance of it could be shared between several PageWidgets?

Do you think 'multiple browser windows'?

If so, how would you cope with the different implementations the 
browsers have concerning their information sharing between windows, tabs?

IE, Chrome Safari, Opera handle session information differently  from 
Firefox, which shares a lot of information between windows and tabs. How 
would you distinguish tabs and windows?

Session and LivePages I have successfully used combined although one has 
to be careful with the toremember dict used in sessions and in general 
how state information is stored, because its very easy to run into non 
collectable garbage problems.

I am currently trying to combine ext2.2 with athena, which is in my 
opinion one of the possible ways to go for RIAs. I am also very 
interested in AFLAX on the client side but have very limited time to do 


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