[Twisted-web] Internal link shows port behind the server by ReverseProxyResource.

Taito Horiuchi dev at abita.fi
Sun Nov 30 09:02:01 EST 2008


I'm new to Twisted, but would like to try to use it as a web front server.
I try to use ReverseProxyResource to provide internal server with port 20001
to port 80.
The code below successfully provides the content of http://localhost:20001/=
but the internal link within the page shows port 20001.
How can I fix this?


The code:

from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.web import server, proxy, vhost

PORT =3D 20001
HostName =3D 'localhost'
reverseProxy =3D proxy.ReverseProxyResource(HostName, PORT, '')

root =3D vhost.NameVirtualHost()
root.addHost(HostName, reverseProxy)
site =3D server.Site(root)
reactor.listenTCP(80, site)
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