[Twisted-web] Nevow.Athena.PageWidget - events not caught in IE

Werner Thie wthie at thiengineering.ch
Thu May 8 05:24:08 EDT 2008

Hi Harald

Harald Blåtand wrote:
> On Wed, May 7, 2008 at 6:23 PM, Werner Thie <wthie at thiengineering.ch> wrote:
>     Just a thought:
>     We ran into problems with Athena and the releases from nevow after
>     SVN 13786 (was a major upgrade) and IE due to the following policy
>     MS introduced: IE seems to limit the connections allowed to 2max,
>     which blocks IE when for instance running the Athena calculator
>     sample and doing a page refresh or two.
> Hmm, not sure we can blame M$ for that. Think I saw somewhere that some 
> standard talks about _2_ connections, only some browsers improve it a bit...
Just get me right, I'm not blaming MS, but the behavior of IE is erratic 
in this particular case. The whole Athena/IE system is also working 
logically correct, but the user experience is more than disturbed by the 
  seemingly dead IE which springs into action after two minutes or so.

IE introduces a hard limit of two connections, whereas FF implements two 
open sockets and ignores sockets which are in TIME_WAIT, waiting to be 
teared down completely.

AFAIK there is no solution to this problem, because closing a socket 
brings it into the TIME_WAIT state


and what is left is up to the interpretation of the RFC by the 
implementor of the browsers TCP/IP code.

The easiest way to illustrate this problem is to run examples.tac and go 
to the calculator (example is broken, I proposed a fix on divmod dev 
mailing list)

Line 27 in calculator.html from

getElement('output').innerHTML = expression;


document.getElementById('output').innerHTML = expression;

Hit the example/calculator with IE and refresh the page...

You will be greeted by a IE which shows the watch cursor and does not 
refresh the page until the TIME_WAIT time (usually 120 secs) for the 
socket over.

HTH, Werner

If you want to have a look my athena site implementing a popular card 
game in Switzerland called 'Jass' then hit


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