[Twisted-web] Twisted Hosting and Twisted in the Cloud

Simon Pickles sipickles at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 30 03:12:56 EDT 2008

Duncan McGreggor wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> Divmod's been talking to various hosting companies about potential
> Twisted deals (and maybe even support). I wanted to get a gauge of
> people's level of interest in the services we've been discussing.
> We're currently looking at the following options:
>  * Dedicated hosts, with Twisted libs pre-installed on them
>  * Virtual hosts/"slices" with Twisted libs pre-installed on them
>  * Clouds that support uploading and running Twisted apps
>  * Potential support contracts where Divmod engineers provide
> high-level assistance for paying customers
>  * Becoming a reseller and offering these services directly through Divmod
> I've been approached privately by a few developers who use Twisted in
> their projects at home and at work with questions about Twisted
> hosting. They've been interested to know if 1) Divmod does Twisted
> hosting, 2) anyone provides "out of the box" support for Twisted, and
> 3) who we recommend.
> I know that as the years pass, I have less and less time to manage my
> own systems responsibly. After 6 years, I'm closing down my colocated
> boxes. When Twisted makes it to the cloud, I'll close down my virtual
> hosts, too. I just don't have the time any more. All I need is
> reliable uptime for my apps (most of them are just sites with dynamic
> content).
> How many others on these lists feel that they would benefit from the
> ease of pre-installed Twisted and/or support for Twisted apps in the
> cloud?
> If you do, what kinds of apps (that you are currently running) do you
> want to be able to run in such environments? Simple web sites? DNS
> servers? Game servers? Chat applications? Web/data services apps?
We use a stackless python/twisted self-hosted server with MySQL for our 
online game (in alpha). This isn't particularly satisfactory and would 
consider a twisted host in the future.

I made enquiries with several ISPs here in the UK and none were prepared 
to offer twisted capable servers. I guess divmod may have more leverage!
> And lastly, what hosting companies are your favorites? Where would you
> be happiest, if they supported Twisted? Would you consider switching
> to a hosting provider that *did* support Twisted?
> Looking forward to hearing the people speak,
> d
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