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jibin zou jibin at live.com
Wed Jul 23 02:13:55 EDT 2008


I am currently trying to use Twisted to develop my Web-based application. And I am trying to use twisted.enterprise.adbapi to handle my database connection and etc.  I tried the example provide by the online docs.
It work ONLY with print, without return a value for my Mako template. Can someone give a small example that lighten me how to use it? 

Here is some of my code.


from twisted.enterprise import adbapi
from twisted.internet import defer

class DBModule():

    connection_pool = adbapi.ConnectionPool("psycopg2", host = "localhost", database = "2juban" ,user = "2juban", password = "2juban" ) 
    table = " "
    def findById(self, field, id):
        if field =="all":
            field = "*"          
        query = """SELECT """+field+""" from """+ self.table +""" where id=""" + str(id)
        row = self.connection_pool.runQuery(query)
        return row.addCallback(self.print_data)
    def print_data(self, data):
        print data
        #return data


from tpp.module.database import DBModule

class hello(Controller):

    d = DBModule()
    d.table = 'talk_talk'
    t1 = d.findById('content',2)


The problem is when I just print out the value , it works ! I can saw it in my eclipse console. But if I want to get the return of the value, it's nothing rather a Deferred<>.


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