[Twisted-web] Re: empty strings in request.args.items()

DJ d.a.abernathy at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 15:20:48 EDT 2008

Hello All,

I am a twisted novice using the request.args.items() method to write the
data from a form to a web page.
The problem is that the list values are returned with extra empty strings.
I have included a copy of the request string and the dictionary below:

*Here is the request string:*
request <GET

*Here are the values in request.args.items():*
{'retryinterval': ['john', ''], 'datefmt': ['mark'], 'args': [''],
'protocol': [
'', ''], 'adaptername': ['', ''], 'keys': ['test', '', ''], 'format': [''],
dapter': ['', ''], 'propagate': [''], 'handlers': ['', ''], 'path': ['',
''], 'f
ormatter': [''], 'qualname': [''], 'class': [''], 'adaptertype': ['', ''],
l': ['', '', 'nathan']}

An extra single quote empty string is appended to some of the lists in the
dictionary, those extra empty strings should not be there.
(ex: retryinterval should be -> 'retryinterval': ['john'] ; but instead it
is -> 'retryinterval': ['john', ''] )

Do you know of trick or a work around to correct this ?

-- =

Dafina A. Abernathy (DJ)
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