[Twisted-web] nevow's loaders.xmlfile returning XML

Abdul-Wahid Paterson abdulwahid at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 08:02:09 EDT 2008


>> My guess is that you either have two templates that have html tags or
>> that you are loading one template with an html tag twice and then putting
>> one inside the other.  Nevow won't stop you from doing this, even though
>> in most cases, the result isn't very sensible.
> Yes you are right. I found the problem was in the code that someone
> else wrote and committed to CVS. They had put something in the
> authentication system that was also including HTML.
Further to this, I have still seem to have a problem with the XHTML
generated. When I load the page through firefox it does not render my
inline SVG. However, when I save the page as something .xml and load
the same page into firefox it does render the SVG. Is this something
to do with the Content-Type not being set to application/xhtml+ xml ?
If so, how can I set it?


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