[Twisted-web] connection pool

Tjerk.Kusters at imtech.nl Tjerk.Kusters at imtech.nl
Wed Jan 16 06:50:01 EST 2008


I have build a webserver with Twisted 2.4 with imports of the following:

  from twisted.web import resource, static, server, twcgi
  from twisted.internet import reactor

I'm adding several mods as child to the root with:

  root = static.File(settings.getSetting("html_directory"))
  root.putChild(mods.getPath(), mods

The mods are classes like

  class module(resource.Resource):
    def render_GET(self, request):
       # do something

The reactor is started as:
  reactor.listenTCP(_port, server.Site(root))
  reactor.run( )

Some of the GET request in the mods can take some time to complete. In the
current situation other request to the server have to wait on this request.

Is it possible to make soms kind of a thread/connection pool so that more
then one request can be handled at the same time?


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