[Twisted-web] HTTP basic auth

Drew Perttula drewp at bigasterisk.com
Wed Jan 9 00:19:19 EST 2008

Colin Alston wrote:
> class Page(object):
>     def authenticateUser(self, request, passinfo):
>         user, password = request.getUser(), 
> md5.md5(request.getPassword()).digest()

FWIW, the nevow version is about the same:

class MyPage(athena.LivePage or rend.Page):
     def renderHTTP(self, ctx):
         request = inevow.IRequest(ctx)

         username, password = request.getUser(), request.getPassword()
         if self.useAuth and (username, password) == (x, y):
             secure.info("rendering page because http auth is set")
             return rend.Page.renderHTTP(self, ctx)
             request.setHeader('WWW-Authenticate', 'Basic 
             return "Authentication required."

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