[Twisted-web] HTTP basic auth

Vincent Bernat bernat at luffy.cx
Tue Jan 8 04:49:34 EST 2008

Hi !

I would like to implement some authentication mechanism on top of an
existing nevow site using HTTP basic auth for a web services. I have looked
at guard.py from nevow but is seems to be far more complex and I don't
quite understand if it uses HTTP basic auth. I am not interested in setting
up sessions or other stateful mechanisms. Since authorization may be
required for POST or something like that, I would like to stick to simple
HTTP auth basic since simple clients may not handle correctly redirection
on POST.

twisted.web2 authentication seems to be a good start, but I am using Nevow.
Has someone already done a HTTP basic auth with nevow? In fact, my case is
very similar to the one here:

But, as I said, Nevow's guard.py seems best suited for web app
authentication, not for web services. Can anyone confirm/infirm? Should I
look into twisted.web2 and hack authentication from it to Nevow?


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