[Twisted-web] Finding memory leaks in Nevow/Twisted

Abdul-Wahid Paterson abdulwahid at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 10:07:41 EST 2008


I have managed to write my nevow/twisted site. I am using a lot of Athena
elements on my site and they are all working well from a functional point of
view. However, the Athena elements are eating up RAM and as I leave things
running the Twisted process slowly consumes more and more RAM until the
process dies.

This only happens for the pages with Athena elements which suggests that
something isn't been cleaned up when AJAX methods are being called.

Can anyone suggest a possible cause? Or what I really need is a suggestion
in how to track down the memory leak. Is there a way of doing memory
profiling to find the culprit?

Any advice is welcomed.

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