[Twisted-web] wsgi and twisted.web{,2} again

Jean-Paul Calderone exarkun at divmod.com
Thu Dec 4 22:25:10 EST 2008

On Thu, 4 Dec 2008 21:39:42 -0500, s s <listsin at integrateddevcorp.com> wrote:
>On Dec 4, 2008, at 9:26 PM, Maarten ter Huurne wrote:
>>On Friday 05 December 2008, s s wrote:
>>>Is there some "master plan for Web2" somewhere that I've just missed?
>>The short version is that the good bits of web2 will be merged into
>>twisted.web and the web2 namespace will be phased out.
>>The full version is here:
>>  http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/wiki/TwistedWebPlan
>Ahhhh, the plan!
>Any idea when that plan was last updated, what's been done to move  toward 
>it, or what needs to be done to make it all happen?

It's current.  Work is being done.  Plenty is left to do.  Any assistance
will be greatly appreciated. :)

>Are the 15 remaining tickets in the:
>         Milestone Web2-Gold-Master
>         relevant and current or does this warrant a new, fresh milestone 
>with  current tickets reflecting the actual work that needs to be done?

The tickets aren't directly related to the plan described on TwistedWebPlan,
but they're not necessarily invalid.  If there are bugs in the implementation
of features in Twisted Web2 which are being ported to Twisted Web, they do
need to be fixed.

Since Twisted Web2 was such a radical approach to solving the problem (of
Twisted not having an awesome web server), we decided to use a milestone
to keep track of its progress.  Since we've decided to focus on improving
Twisted Web, no one has voiced the desire for a similar milestone to track
progress on that front.  A different query you could look at in the issue
tracker to see what's what might be this one:


And if there's something in Web2 that you'd like to see in Web, but for
which there isn't already a ticket, please do file one. :)


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