[Twisted-web] Re: [Twisted-Python] April 20 Sprint

Stephen Waterbury waterbug at pangalactic.us
Mon Apr 7 19:26:46 EDT 2008

[cross-posting to twisted-web, as this is probably of interest there ...]

James Y Knight wrote:
> On Apr 7, 2008, at 5:26 PM, Brian Granger wrote:
>>> I myself having been using twisted.web2 for a while now,
>>> and I also know of several other projects that are doing the same.
>>> I also have done a good amount of diving into the source code,
>>> trying to maybe someday understand enough to contribute back,
>>> and I hope to keep up with the current status as best as possible.
>>> Any comments that point towards the current state of any of the parts
>>> of web/web2 (what's "good", what's "bad", in the developers' opinion),
>>> would be very appreciated.
>> Wow, we have been using web2 in ipython and this it is news to us as
>> well that web2 is being phased out.
> I wish that people hadn't said that at this point, but since it's been 
> said...
> The problem, basically, is that I started the web2 and never finished 
> it. At the current rate of development (really slow), there's a real 
> fear that it'll never be finished. So, some (who actually are doing 
> development on twisted...) feel that it would be better to take the more 
> finished parts of web2 and re-integrate them into web, piece by piece.
> I'm wary of this scheme, and I can't say I can see it being successful, 
> but perhaps it's worth the shot.
> My goal with web2 was to provide 99% compatibility with web1 
> *resources*, but forgo compatibility at the other integration points. I 
> still think this is a feasible goal to accomplish. The goal with the 
> "phase-out" plan is to provide complete compatibility with all web1 
> integration points *and* add the new features from web2 to web1. If this 
> can be accomplished, great; I just can't say I see it being that 
> feasible, and I certainly am having trouble thinking that it can get 
> done *faster*.
> But in any case, the take-home message of this alternate plan should not 
> be "web2 is being phased out", but rather, "web2's improvements are 
> being absorbed back into web." IMO, it remains to be seen whether or not 
> that can actually happen, but I don't think current users have any 
> serious reason for alarm at that prospect.

The most important overall message would seem to be:  use web[1], since
even if web2 is not phased out, as much as possible of web2 is being
"back-ported" to web[1], and there will probably be a relatively easy
migration path to web2 if/when it is completed at some point in the



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