[Twisted-web] Different behavior of twistd with and without -n

Sébastien LELONG sebastien.lelong at dexia-securities.fr
Fri May 25 05:45:07 EDT 2007

> A completely wild guess is that forking is confusing PyLucene in a fatal
> way.

FWIW, I have an application running CherryPy over Twisted, using PyLucene. 
Since PyLucene isn't thread-safe, every thread must subclass 
PyLucene.PythonThread, so the underlying "java runtime garbage collector is 
aware about the python thread upon their creation" 
Without this, the apps simply crashes (segfault, see also 
http://chandlerproject.org/PyLucene/ThreadingInPyLucene). Maybe there's 
something about that while twistd is daemonizing the process ?

Hope that helps.



Sébastien LELONG

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