[Twisted-web] Quick Questions about JS mapping in Athena.

kgi iacovou at gmail.com
Fri May 18 05:18:14 EDT 2007

On Thursday 17 May 2007 19:54:40 Jean-Paul Calderone wrote:

Again, Jean-Paul, thanks for your reply; you've been very helpful.

> Note that since the dependency resolution system works upwards, this
> mapping only needs one entry for this example to work:
>     jsModules.mapping = {u'Cutlery': 'cutlery.js'}

Ah, that's good to have confirmed. I was seeing the request to retrieve the 
top-level package come in and suspected that something of the sort was afoot.

> I... think?  so...  I'm not sure if you were trying to demonstrate
> something by putting the jsModules mapping into the same file as the rest
> of the Python (since you pointed it out, I suspect you were, but I'm not
> sure what).

Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to imply that the jsModules mapping goes into the 
same file as the rest of the Python, merely that all the JS mappings point to 
the same JS file (cutlery.js) rather than having multiple files, one for each 
submodule of the JS package.

But in any case, your pointing out that I can just use the top-level package 
name renders that moot.



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