[Twisted-web] Divmod Nevow 0.9.18

Tristan Seligmann mithrandi-twisted-web at mithrandi.za.net
Tue Mar 20 18:47:36 CST 2007

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce the Divmod Nevow 0.9.18 release (tagged about a
month ago), available here:


I'm including the changelog for 0.9.18, and all previous releases since
the last announced release. Brace yourself for impending verbosity, as
0.9.0 was 18 versions and 9 months ago!

0.9.18 (2007-02-23):
  - Athena 'connection lost' notification now styleable via the
    'nevow-connection-lost' CSS class.
  - The 'runjstests' script has been removed, now that JS tests can be
    run with trial.

0.9.17 (2006-12-08):
  - More efficient JSON string parsing.
  - Give FakeRequests a default status code of OK.  Accept all of
    FakeRequest.__init__'s arguments in the __init__ of

0.9.16 (2006-11-17):
  - Updated nit to work with Twisted trunk.
  - Athena module import caching has been fixed.

0.9.15 (2006-11-08):
  - Changed _LiveMixin rendering to be idempotent to support the case
    where a transport hiccup causes a LiveFragment or LiveElement to be
    sent to the browser multiple times.
  - Improvements to the tests.

0.9.14 (2006-10-31):
  - Support code for running non-browser javascript tests has been
  - Added a workaround for nodeById on widgets not yet added to the
    document in IE.
  - Athena will now invoke the nodeInserted method (if it exists) on a
    widget that it instantiates statically.
  - ID rewriting, similar to existing rewriting support for 'id'
    attributes, has been added in 'for' and 'headers' attributes of
    'label' and 'td'/'th' elements, respectively.

0.9.13 (2006-10-21):
  - Adjust non-selected panes in tabbedpane to be further out of the
  - Convert to using the Javascript module plugin system for
    Nevow-provided modules.

0.9.12 (2006-10-17):
  - Added id rewriting for LiveElement and LiveFragment, such that id
    attributes in a widget template are rewritten so that they are
    unique to the widget instance. A client-side API,
    Nevow.Athena.Widget.nodeById(), is provided to allow location of
    these nodes.

0.9.11 (2006-10-10):
  - Fixed dynamic widget instantiation in IE.
  - Added support for correctly quoting the values of slots which are
    used as attributes.

0.9.10 (2006-10-05):
  - Minor update to nevow.testutil.

0.9.9 (2006-09-26):
  - Several nit changes, including the addition of the "check" method to
    Failure, and the addition of an "assertFailure" method.
  - The ability to pass Python exceptions to Javascript has been added
    to Athena.
  - Dynamic module import has been added for the cases where it is
    necessary to dynamically add a widget to an existing page.

0.9.8 (2009-09-20):
  - A bug in nit that caused it to fail if there were too many tests in
    a test case, and swallow failures in some cases, has been fixed.
  - Widgets can no longer be added to a page after render time using
    Divmod.Runtime.Platform.{set,append}NodeContent.  Instead, they must
    be added using Nevow.Athena.Widget.addChildWidgetFromWidgetInfo.

0.9.7 (2009-09-12):
  - Automatic Athena event handler registration is fixed for all
    supported browsers and is no longer document-sensitive (ie, it works
    inside tables now).
  - Nit has gained a new assertion method, assertIn.

0.9.6 (2008-08-30):
  - Fixed a bug in the IE implementation of the runtime.js node fetching

0.9.5 (2006-08-22):
  - Instance attributes can now be exposed to Athena with
    nevow.utils.Expose and Expose.exposedMethodNames() no longer returns
    unexposed names.

0.9.4 (2006-08-14):
  - Added test method discovery to nit test cases, so multiple test
    methods may be put in a single test case.
  - use XPath for certain DOM traversals when available. This yields
    significant speedups on Opera.
  - Made Divmod.Runtime.Platform.getAttribute deal with IE attribute
    name-mangling properly.
  - Javascript logging is now done in Firebug 0.4 style rather than 0.3.
  - Some cases where Deferred-returning render methods raised exceptions
    or buried failures were fixed.
  - Removed MochiKit. The pieces Nevow depends on have been moved to
    Divmod.Base in nevow/base.js.
  - Various doc fixes.

0.9.3 (2006-07-17):
  - Page rendering now supports preprocessors.

0.9.2 (2006-07-08):
  - Fixes to the typeahead demo.
  - Elements are now automatically serialized by json, just like

0.9.1 (2006-07-05):
  - Made nevow.athena.expose the mandatory means of publishing a method
    to the browser.  The allowedMethods dictionary will no longer be
  - Added nevow.page.Element and nevow.athena.LiveElement: these are
    preferred over nevow.rend.Fragment and nevow.athena.LiveFragment for
    all new development.

mithrandi, i Ainil en-Balandor, a faer Ambar
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