[Twisted-web] Setting server.Site.protocol stops the site factoryresource cl

Steve doh tfif at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 1 16:08:52 CST 2007

Thanks David - it's now working!
One minor error I get when I add a super call as:

class ServerProtocol(http.HTTPChannel):
    def connectionMade(self):
        print "[connectionMade] entering function....."
        super(ServerProtocol, self).connectionMade()

this generates:

  File "test.py", line 20, in connectionMade
    super(ServerProtocol, self).connectionMade()
exceptions.TypeError: super() argument 1 must be type, not classobj

Any ideas?

>From: David Reid <dreid at dreid.org>
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>Subject: Re: [Twisted-web] Setting server.Site.protocol stops the site 
>factoryresource class from renderin
>Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2007 07:10:51 -0800
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>On Feb 28, 2007, at 7:52 PM, Steve doh wrote:
>>I have the code below that works fine. If I uncomment the 3rd to  last 
>>line so that the site.protocol uses the ServerProtocol class,  then the 
>>render_GET() method does not get called and the browser  waits for a 
>>response. I understand why this is happening but don't  know how to fix 
>>it. I need to override the connectionMade() method  for the site factory 
>>inorder to verify the connection. Can someone  explain how I override 
>>connectionMade() correctly? Any help  appreciated. Cheers Steve
>twisted.internet.protocol.Protocol doesn't know anything about HTTP,  and 
>it doesn't know anything about the resource hierarchy and HTTP  methods.  
>server.Site.protocol defaults to  twisted.web.http.HTTPChannel, which does 
>know what to do when faced  with HTTP, so subclass that instead.  And don't 
>forget to call the  superclass's connectionMade or timeouts won't work 
>- -David

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