[Twisted-web] Obvious stuff... just not to me, re: Failure to Install...

Dav Clark dav at securme.net
Sun Jun 17 19:25:29 EDT 2007

I'm slowly beginning to wrap my head around Nevow.  For one, while  
it's not explicit anywhere, it seems really clear that the intention  
is simply to add the Nevow root directory to your python path.  In my  
case, I'm using the easy_install develop workaround:

python -c "import setuptools; execfile('setup.py')" develop

from the .../Nevow path.  This means I can svn update, and that  
version is working without any more reinstalls.

In addition, I got thrown for a loop with the Athena tutorial,  
because it suggests that to understand the Nevow plugin search  
system, you should just look at the Twisted plugin search system.   
This had me with a custom <emph>twisted</emph>/plugins directory, and  
using pdb to step through code to see why it wasn't getting loaded by  
Nevow, when clearly the Twisted plugin system was populating this  
with the normal 'dropin.cache' and soforth.

But now I understand that the nevow/plugins and the twisted/plugins  
are similarly handled but distinct repo's.

So, while I have a borderline unhealthy desire to learn twisted &  
nevow, and will work through this stuff, I recon a lot of people  
might have a look and say, "WTF!" and go to Django or something.  I'd  
like to help fix the documentation as I learn, but I don't want to  
write the wrong thing either.  So, here are some changes I would make  
if OK to the Nevow and Athena docs on the Wiki:

1) This is the only obviously wrong thing - on the Athena page, it  
says that you should install modules into a plugin directory under  
Nevow instead of nevow.  This is confusing and had me creating a  
Nevow/plugins directory in my private PYTHONPATH (which makes sense  
at first, as there is a Nevow directory as well as a nevow directory  
if you checkout from svn).

2) Modify the Nevow install instructions to explain that neither ./ 
setup.py install or easy_install are fully supported.  Suggest  
easy_install develop or similar as preferred alternative, outright  
copying or adding the Nevow direcotry to your PYTHONPATH as a  
secondary (as well as setting up scripts somewhere in your PATH).  I  
would just fix the install to work properly, but I'm not sure what  
would be "right" more on that below.

3) Regarding, e.g. javascript plugins, it seems that the convention  
is to install both user and 3rd party packages into the nevow  
package.  This is very different than what most people are used to,  
but quite similar to the way e.g. an in-place Zope install behaves  
(particularly if you are doing an in-place install as I describe  
above).  I don't like doing this - as it moves me away from a clean  
separation of "my" code from "your" code.

3a) So, for example, after getting the thing working with the stock  
nevow/plugins directory, I standardized on having a local nevow/ 
plugins directory as a sibling of my tac file.  I would suggest this  
be the recommended (or at least an alternative) method described in  
the wiki - this keeps all example files bundled under the same root  
dir.  This also allows the possibility of bundling a tar or zip of an  
athena package, you un-archive it, and the example just works with  
twistd -ny example.tac from where it sits.  (well, you need to alter  
the /path/to/your/file to sibpath(__file__, 'mymodule.js')).

3b)  I would go a step further and suggest that, as in zope, a way to  
create "instances" be created.  This would just mean populating a  
directory with things like a plugins direcotry, a js dir for  
nevow.athena.autoJSPackage to load and other stuff I haven't learned  
about yet.  A set of scripts localized for that instance would add  
the appropriate root to the python path before running.  Or, you  
could just require people to run twistd from the root dir of the  
bundle.  This would be remarkably similar to the "solution" for 3a.

3c) I'm still a bit unclear on how python deals with identically  
named packages in different directories in the path.  So, for  
example, I know have two nevow/plugins directories on my path.   
Everything seems to work fine, and indeed, the athena.JSDependencies  
seems to be able to find files from both.  Even if I add an  
__init__.py file to my own nevow/plugins directory, the autoJSPackage  
call from the default nevow/plugins/__init__.py seems to fire  
correctly.  But at some point, name collisions are necessarily going  
to be a problem.  I could see some _very_ funny errors arising from  
this, e.g. if the python interpreter simply uses the first file it  
finds, it could load a .py file from one directory, then load an  
__init__.py file from another directory which overrides the objects  
loaded from that first .py file... pointers would be appreciated on  

3d) Speaking of strange .js includes, some system (correctly?)  
associates the nevow/empty.js file with most Nevow classes.  But for  
root classes, you also get these __init__.js associations, which are  
non-existent *.js files.  Is this a bug?

4) Perhaps have a page describing Divmod wiki etiquette... answering  
the question of this e-mail, which is "How liberal should I be in  
editing the Wiki(s)?"

5) Why do all examples have twistd -noy, when -y implies -o?

Anyway, as I've said, I'd like to leave some breadcrumbs for those  
right behind me before I forget what it's like to be such a noob!   
Any feedback or guidance on appropriate help is appreciated.  In  
particular, how I should proceed now and in future with Wiki /  
documentation edits.

Dav Clark

Dav Clark

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