[Twisted-web] disabling redirection

Markus Schiltknecht markus at bluegap.ch
Sat Jun 9 13:07:00 EDT 2007


Colin Alston wrote:
> Are you using the virtual host wrapper for correcting the hostname writing?

If you are talking about the VHostMonsterResource, yes, I've used that 
so far together with apache.

But it requires to rewrite the URLs to, i.e., 
localhost:8080/vhost/http/my.site.com/the/real/url. With varnish, a 
modern and very fast reverse proxy, this is not possible (nor wanted). 
It simply forwards the request without adding anything to the requested 
URL, i.e. 'GET /the/real/url'.

If that can be done with a VHostMonsterResource, too, then I'd be 
curious how. But as far as I understand, it allows twisted to serve 
multiple hosts, which I don't need. I only have exactly one host per 
twisted instance, so I would like to simply hardcode the host and port 
it's supposed to serve. But how?



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