[Twisted-web] twisted.web wsgi support

Phil Christensen phil at bubblehouse.org
Thu Jul 26 15:10:38 EDT 2007

I had need of WSGI support on twisted.web, so I put together the  
attached module.

I'd like to contribute this back to the project, of course, but I  
need some guidance on how I should proceed.

The attached module is just a proof of concept at this point; I  
haven't written any unit tests or documentation, but the bigger issue  
I'd like to discuss is how to remove the dependency on twisted.web2.

Since I generally run directly out of SVN HEAD, the web2 dependency  
isn't a big deal for me. However, removing this dependency would  
require a great deal of duplication of effort. In the end, the only  
real changes required were tweaks to  
twisted.web2.twcgi.createSGIEnvironment() and corresponding changes  
to twisted.web2.wsgi.WSGIHandler, as well as a twisted.web-compliant  
WSGIResource implementation.

I guess my goal here is to start a dialog about the best way to go  
forward. I've duplicated this email and attachment in a ticket at:


Your input is appreciated,


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