[Twisted-web] twistd and web2 weirdness

L. Daniel Burr ldanielburr at mac.com
Tue Jul 24 13:21:38 EDT 2007

Hi Phil,

On Tue, 24 Jul 2007 12:15:17 -0500, Phil Christensen  
<phil at bubblehouse.org> wrote:

>>> On Jul 24, 2007, at 12:18 PM, L. Daniel Burr wrote:
>>>> Bzzzt!  Owie!  Don't do that.  The topmost package in the twisted
>>>> codebase is named "twisted".  You've shadowed that package with a
>>>> module of your own.
>>>> Try renaming your file to something else, and I'll bet things
>>>> start working for you.

[some further explanation of the problem, investigations, etc.]

> Ah, but a leftover twisted.pyc file is!
> Thanks so much, Daniel! Strange things are no longer afoot at the Circle  
> K.

You're welcome.  I think everyone has been bitten by some variant of
this problem at one time or another, and it certainly does cause
some head-scratching the first time you experience it.

L. Daniel Burr

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