[Twisted-web] Passing events to (Athena) event handlers.

glyph at divmod.com glyph at divmod.com
Wed Jul 18 15:08:33 EDT 2007

On 01:45 pm, iacovou at gmail.com wrote:
>Would a patch posted as a trac ticket be acceptable? I searched trac
>for 'event' and couldn't find anything resembling this. What would the 
>test requirements be for a change like this be?

While I'm not sure I read this message thoroughly enough to be sure, I 
think it sounds okay.  Definitely putting a patch on a trac ticket is 
the right way to get started.

You may have noticed JavaScript unit tests lying around in our various 
codebases.  A good example of some pretty thorough unit testing is in 
Mantissa.Test.TestRegionModel.  You'd need to add coverage for your 
event handler stuff that used these tests and ran under trial.

Some other test examples, that will be even closer to the feature you 
are trying to implement, are in 

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