[Twisted-web] parsing of the Host header and proxy

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at libero.it
Tue Apr 17 15:01:37 CDT 2007


I'm using nginx as a proxy server.
It's mod_proxy is very good, so I do not have to use all the 
VHostMonster (ugly) stuff.

However there is a problem with the parsing of the Host header: Twisted 
Web only parses the host name and not the port.

This means that, as an example, when I use request.prePathURL, I got the 
wrong port.

I have written a patch where I define a new getRequestHost method in the 
Request object, that returns a tuple (host, port), and a modified 
version of  _prePathURL that uses the new method.

However I'm not sure if I shoulf fill a ticked.
Nobody else has the same problem?

Thanks  Manlio Perillo

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