[Twisted-web] web2.server: returning a deferred from IResource.render()

ibu ibu at radempa.de
Thu Apr 12 15:55:36 CDT 2007

You are right, I should not say that it is not working; I should say 
it is not working as I expected, and my expectations regarding 
deferreds may well be wrong, since I am new to them.

Anyway, here is a full example code, which (when run with 
twistd -l - -noy ) does render the expected output line correctly. 
Upon removing the comment the http client does not receive an answer 
to the http request however.

I'd just like to know how I can correctly return a deferred from 
render(), or to where render() returns.

Thx, ibu


from twisted.web2 import server, http, resource, channel, http_headers
from twisted.internet import defer

class Handler:
    def __init__(self, request):
        self.request = request
    def err(self, e):
        print "---- errb", e
    def getResponse(self, result = None):
        rep = "The output which shall be transferred to the browser."
        res = http.Response( 200,
            {'content-type': http_headers.MimeType('text','plain')},
        print "---- getResponse returning: ", res
        return res
    def getDeferredResponse(self):
        print "---- getDeferredResponse beginning"
        d = defer.Deferred()
        print "---- getDeferredResponse returning: ", d
        return d

class Toplevel(resource.Resource):
    addSlash = True
    def render(self, r):
        h = Handler(r)
        deferredResponse = h.getDeferredResponse()
        #return deferredResponse
        return deferredResponse.result

site = server.Site(Toplevel())

from twisted.application import service, strports
application = service.Application("demoserver")
s = strports.service('tcp:8080', channel.HTTPFactory(site))


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Date: Thursday 12 April 2007 21:54 (UTC+1)
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> On Thu, 12 Apr 2007 21:35:57 +0200, ibu <ibu at radempa.de> wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I'm running web2.server (much like the example at
> >http://twistedmatrix.com/projects/web2/documentation/examples/intr
> >o/simple.py ) and everything works well, except if I return a
> > deferred from an IResource.render() :
> >
> >This does NOT work:
> >    def render(self, req):
> >            #...
> >            deferredResponse = h.getResponse() # generates a
> > deferred return deferredResponse
> While it may be the case that a program can only work in one
> particular way (and so saying that a program works may fully
> describe its behavior), it is not the case that a program can only
> be broken in one particular way.  Don't just say that something
> doesn't work.  Explain the behavior you expected to see and how the
> behavior you did see differed from that. It's also very useful to
> include complete examples.  In the above, I have no idea what `h'
> is or what `h.getResponse' might return.  This means I really have
> no idea what the render method might even be trying to do, let
> alone what it actually does.
> >While this DOES work:
> >    def render(self, req):
> >            #...
> >            deferredResponse = h.getResponse() # generates a
> > deferred deferredResponse.callback(None)
> >            return deferredResponse.result
> The `result' attribute of Deferreds is not strictly public, and you
> should avoid using it.  The above is equivalent to returning
> f(None), where f is the composite function of all of the callbacks
> on deferredResult, though what those might be I do not know.
> Jean-Paul
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